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About Us


Latham Performance Products Inc. has been manufacturing high quality High Pressure Coolant Pump Systems since 1997. We have designed and built systems for every type of application for high speed CNC, grinding and screw machines. Over the past 8 years, LATHAM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS INC. has earned the reputation for excellence in designing and manufacturing high quality high pressure coolant pumps. They say that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, this rang true for our sister company, Latham Marine Inc. In an attempt to improve manufacturing efficiency by reducing machine cycle times, we developed our own high pressure coolant pump systems. CNC machine manufacturers and re-sellers were so impressed with what we were doing, they requested we build it for them. Hence the birth of the Latham pump division.

The Latham coolant pump systems are not only compact and portable, but with our exclusive sound reduction system, they are also very quiet. With in-house engineering and machining, Latham’s product line continuously grows with customer needs.

All LATHAM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS INC. manufactured systems are made in the U.S.A., and we have proudly earned the rights to “WORLD CLASS CNC PUMPS”, so whether you purchase a basic single pump and filter unit or a multiple pump unit with integral tank, solenoid valves and two staged filters, you can be confident you have bought the finest quality product available.

Personal consultation for your high pressure coolant pump needs is only a phone call away on our two toll free numbers, and any of our qualified staff will be happy to assist you in selecting a complete system or a specific component.